My Work

Below are a selection of projects I have recently worked on. I can't list them all here, so if you want to see an example of something in particular please get in touch.


FCAdmin is an administration system aimed at grassroots football clubs. It provides various capabilities such as management of player data, match information, club finances and reporting. FCAdmin is a multi-user system written in PHP within the CodeIgniter framework. The database is MySQL and JQuery libaries are used for many of the user interface features. An API has also been produced that provides summarised data to authorised websites, such as a club's own website, so that they can display match and player information.

Commercial Finance Expo Website

For the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) I created a new website for their Commercial Finance Expo. The website was based on the design of their existing site. The main reason for the update was to make the website easier to maintain, by re-assessing their use of a Content Management System (CMS). I chose to integrate the SilverStripe CMS as the administration interface. I customised it by adding bespoke page types tailored to their needs. These customisations included, for example, having an "Exhibitor" type that the admin user could create that would then be automatically formatted and added to the Exhibitor List. This allowed the website administrators to concentrate on the content, rather than the presentation. The website also handled visitor registration for the event. Visitors could register their details for attendance which would then be recorded in the existing SilverStripe CMS database using a custom SQL query ready for download as a spreadsheet.

Registration System

I created an onsite event visitor registration system for R&R Events Ltd. The system allows visitors who have pre registered online to sign in or for new visitors to enter their details at the time. The application records their attendance and prints a visitor badge that includes a barcode for scanning by exhibitors to record their contact details. This registration system is written in C# ASP.Net and hosted on a server that is part of a local network. XML files are used for data storage with Javascript PageMethods being utilised to improve the interface speed.

Process Tracking Utilities

I created a Windows application for Very Nice Blinds that provides a set of utilities to query and report customer and job information in their Microsoft Access Database. The application includes a status monitor that displays the status of all current jobs and a calendar that pulls together all appointments entered in the database. The application was written using C# and WPF, making heavy use of animations for an improved user experience.

Misterton Pre School Website

As a registered charity, I developed a new website for Misterton Pre School as a pro bono project. The website was integrated with SilverStripe CMS. I customised SilverStripe with bespoke page types specific to the content required by the school. I also assisted with training of the system and all technical aspects relating to transfer of the domain name from the previous website developer and deploying on the web server.

Crewkerne Rangers FC Website

I created a website for my football club, Crewkerne Rangers FC. The site is integrated with Grav content management system. As well as several static pages it also contains some dynamic content retrieved directly from the club's FCAdmin account using a web service. The league tables and upcoming fixtures are read directly from the league's Full-Time page using the feeds API.

YearBees Website

I designed and developed a website for Yearbees, a year book design and production company based in Glasgow and founded in 2011. I provided a completely new design based on the branding and image aspirations. The website was integrated with GetSimple, an XML-based CMS, to allow them to manage all content themselves. The website was written using PHP, HTML and CSS.

LifeMap Web App

I developed a life coaching application called LifeMap for the Personal Development Organisation, Plymouth. LifeMap is an interactive coaching tool that allows the user to gain advice from the company's life coaches on the most important aspects of their life. The application consists of a series of question screens to retrieve information from the user, which is then summarised in an animated 'wheel' ready for the user to further expand on. The application is written in PHP, and uses Javascript for the wheel animation. It was integrated with the company's Moodle based tuition system and all user data is saved to XML and linked to the user's Moodle account so it can be modified at a later date.